Fox tells EU: ‘We can’t be blackmailed’

Trade Secretary Liam Fox has told the EU that Britain ‘cant be blackmailed’ into paying the Brexit divorce bill before trade negotiations can begin.

‘We can’t be blackmailed into paying a price on the first part’.

‘We think we should begin discussions on the final settlement because that’s good for business, and it’s good for the prosperity both of the British people and of the rest of the people of the European Union’.

‘I think there is frustration that we have not been able to get on that longer-term issue, that we’re stuck on this separation issue’.

‘And I had representations from businesses from across Europe – from Germany, from Spain – to say: ‘Can we put more pressure on the commission to try and get us a better idea of what that final picture will look like, because we need to maintain an open and liberal trading environment in Europe?’

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‘Democracy is a process, not a day. A country can change its mind’, says Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell has argued that Brexit can still be stopped, as ‘democracy is a process, not a day’.

‘The country voted to leave the EU  amid a fog of lies and misinformation, and with a lack of real debate about the real consequences, and as the negotiations unfold, both the chaos and the cost stand at odds with what the country was led to believe would happen’.

‘Democracy is a process, not a day. A country can vote. A country can change its mind’.

‘If a decision taken in one timeframe and one set of circumstances turns out to deliver the opposite of what was promised, MPs who believe that have a duty to say so, and fight for a better alternative, just as anyone else has a right to keep campaigning for a better alternative’.

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UK’s Brexit demands ‘not serious, fair or even possible’, says Verhofstadt

The EU Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, has said that the UK’s demands are ‘not serious, fair or even possible’.

‘UK ministers seem to want to devise a new customs union, and seek to recreate all of the EU’s structures, in order to continue to benefit from the best elements of the EU, without it being called the EU’.

‘This is not serious, fair or even possible given the negotiating time remaining’.

‘All we have ever asked for is that this disruptive decision is implemented in an orderly fashion, and that we first agree to the divorce before planning a new future together’.

‘Since the UK joined the EU, it has enjoyed a bespoke form of membership that is unique. An opt-out from the euro, but banker to the Eurozone. An opt-out from Schengen, but access to the security databases linked to it. A blanket opt-out from Justice and Home Affairs, with the possibility to opt back into the most effective crime-fighting measures’.

‘The list goes on’.

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‘Freedom of movement is absolutely essential’, says Kofi Annan

Former UN secretary General Kofi Annan has argued in favour of EU freedom of movement, saying:

‘Without freedom of movement, it is very difficult for individuals to live their lives to the fullest and live their dreams. To live is to choose, life is choices, and that often entails movement’.

‘Movement in search of one’s dreams, movement in search of something meaningful to do, movement in running away from persecution. It is absolutely essential’.

‘Brexit is turning out to be much more complicated than those who advocated it thought’.

‘It’s a shame because Britain has gained a lot from the EU’.

‘In the end, I hope we will not be hearing a repeat of such phrases as ‘taking back our boundaries’.

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Michael Howard ‘intensely disappointed’ by David Cameron’s failed EU negotiations

Former Conservative leader Michael Howard has said he was ‘intensely disappointed’ with David Cameron’s attempt to secure a better deal with the EU ahead of last year’s referendum.

‘I wanted the United Kingdom to remain in a reformed European Union, because I believe that the European Union in its current form is a flawed and failing project’.

I was intensely disappointed by the failure of David Cameron’s  negotiations’.

‘He came back with a deal, but it wasn’t a substantial deal, so I thought the best course for our country would be to leave’.

Mr. Howard went on to accuse the EU of ‘trying to impose a rigid straitjacket of uniformity on every country’.

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‘Not realistic’ for May to lead until 2022, says Michael Heseltine

Michael Heseltine has said that it is ‘not realistic’ to think that Theresa May will fight the next general election.

‘I don’t myself believe that there will be an appetite in the parliamentary party to re-run the last general election’.

‘I think they’ll want a new leader, and my advice to them very strongly is they’ll also need not just to change the singer, but to change the song’.

Mr. Heseltine also suggested Brexit would make it harder for Theresa May to continue as leader.

‘Already the Labour party have smelt the wind and are beginning to hedge their bets over Brexit.’.

‘The Brexit negotiations, which are already humiliating will indicate to people just how unwise the whole Brexit process is’.

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Blair meets ‘good friend’ Juncker in Brussels

Tony Blair has been criticised today for meeting up with EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, while Britian’s Brexit negotiations are still ongoing.

Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke said: ‘Blair should be standing up for Britain, not surrendering to the EU. Juncker tried to blackmail us into paying Brussels billions’.

Nigel Farage said: ‘That was Juncker’s kiss of death for nation state democracy’.

‘Blair’s interference and desire to sell out our country never stops. The Remaniac-in-chief has no position or power any more, only delusions’.

An EU spokesman defended the meeting, saying:

‘This is absolutely nothing out of the extraordinary. The president’s door is always open and he looks for a timing which works for both of them. No conspiracy there, I’m afraid’.

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‘I’m in this for the long term. I’m not a quitter’, says Theresa May

Theresa May has said she will not step down before the next election. ‘There’s been an awful lot of speculation about my future’.

‘I’m in this for the long term. There’s a real job to be done in the United Kingdom. It’s about getting the Brexit deal right, it’s about building that deep and special partnership with the European Union, but it’s also about building global Britain, trading around the world’.

‘But it’s not just about Brexit’.

‘What I want to do is a lot more about the long term, which is about changes domestically, on issues like social justice’.

‘For most members of the public, they would say they want the Government to get on with the job and that’s exactly what I and the Government are doing’.

‘I’m not a quitter’.

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‘The DPRK will further sharpen its nuclear sword’, says North Korea

The North Korean state news agency has threatened the US with ‘nuclear catastrophe’, saying:

‘If the U.S. persists in the reckless anti-DPRK moves, sanctions and pressure, it will eventually meet a miserable fate while spending hard time’.

‘So long as the U.S. and its vassal forces persist with such actions and imperialism, the root cause of injustice and evils remains’.

The DPRK will further sharpen its just nuclear treasured sword in its hand and defend independence and justice with nukes, and usher in a new era of national prosperity with their might’.

‘Should the U.S. dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the U.S. with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time’.


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