Civilised Brexit disagreement overheard on train

A passenger on the London Underground has reportedly witnessed two strangers having a civilised conversation about Brexit, despite having opposing views on the issue.

The passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to the Hooting Times’ travel correspondent:

‘I couldn’t believe it. They started off talking about the weather, and then one of them mentioned Brexit. When it became clear that one of them voted leave, and the other voted remain, I thought it was all going to kick off, but they carried on as normal. It was amazing’

‘The leave voter admitted that Brexit was a gamble that could very easily backfire, and the remain voter said that with the right trade deals, maybe things could work out quite well’

‘I thought I was hallucinating’

This story comes just days after unverified reports emerged from America, suggesting a Hillary Clinton voter had been overheard praising Donald Trump’s economic plan.

Full story here:

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