Armed police crack down on ‘inconsiderate’ motorists

The British government last night announced that armed police would receive extra training to combat the sudden rise of bad driving habits.

Speaking at a press conference, a Ministry of Defence representative had this to say:

‘It’s time to send a clear message. Bad driving will no longer be tolerated on the roads of Britain’

‘We will now be adopting a shoot to kill policy for the following offences:’

‘Failure to indicate’


‘Lorry drivers who take too long to overtake’

‘Middle lane hoggers’

‘Excessive horn honkers’

‘You have 24 hours to learn the rules’

‘Then we start shooting’

This news was warmly received by Britain’s cycling community, although The Hooting Times has learned that police will soon be given sweeping new powers to Taser anybody wearing lycra in public.

Full story here:

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