Nigel Farage looking forward to 8th general election loss

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage last night sensationally revealed plans to extend his winless general election run to an unprecedented eight in a row.

Speaking exclusively to The Hooting Times, Mr. Farage had this to say:

‘In our game, it’s very rare for people to retire at the top. After seven losses it felt like the right time to bow out. I’d had an incredible career, beginning way back in 1994 with my first defeat in Eastleigh. If you’d have told me back then that I would have gone on to lose six more times, I would have thought you were mad!’

‘Politics is an unpredictable business though, and when Theresa May called a snap election, I knew the time was right for a comeback’

‘People have told me not to be greedy, and that seven losses is more than enough, but I’m still young, I’ve not been out of the game very long, and I feel that another defeat will truly cement my reputation as one of the all time greats’

When pressed for a prediction, Mr. Farage replied:

‘There are no guarantees in politics. Anything can happen between now and June 8th, but I’m confident in my ability, and believe that a resounding third place finish is well within my reach’

And if that was the result?

‘It would be a dream come true, but that really would be the end. I would retire a happy man. Job done’

Full story here:




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