Support for Corbyn surges in key under-9’s demographic.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn kicked off the general election campaign yesterday with a visit to a primary school, in a bid to convince the crucial under-9 demographic that he is the right man to lead the country.

Speaking to the audience of children, Mr. Corbyn had this to say:

‘The future belongs to you. The socialist utopia will be built by your hands. It’s time to rise up and overthrow the evil Tory oppressors, and welcome a new dawn, where we are all equal, where we are all united, and where every man woman and child is free from the yoke of capitalism. Who’s with me?’

Speaking to The Hooting Times, an eight-year-old girl, who wishes to remain anonymous said:

‘That man with the beard is funny. I like him’

This news comes after UKIP leader Paul Nuttall announced a nationwide tour of Britain’s psychiatric hospitals, in an attempt to secure the all-important ‘mad’ vote.

Full story here:




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