UK obesity epidemic spreads to native dog population

The British Medical Association today confirmed that the obesity crisis which currently affects over a third of UK citizens, now appears to have spread to the the dog population.

The discovery of a fifteen stone Great Dane had baffled scientists for months, but after extensive research, they now appear to have reached a conclusion:

‘He’s eaten too much cake’

‘We spoke to the dog’s owners, and our worst fears were confirmed’

‘He just loves cake’

‘Chocolate cake, cream cake, gateaux, cheese cake, cupcakes’

‘He’s insatiable’

Government agencies are monitoring the situation closely.

A DEFRA spokesman was quick to reassure the public:

‘We are doing everything we can to ensure that this doesn’t spread to other animal species. We heard reports that a giant chicken had been spotted in Scotland, but fortunately it turned out to be a hoax’



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