Kenny G kicked off flight for ‘disruptive behaviour’

Air marshals were last night forced to remove saxophone star Kenny G from a Delta Airlines flight to LA, after the musician’s repeated disruptive behaviour left the pilots with no choice but to attempt an emergency landing.

Speaking exclusively to The Hooting Times, a passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, had this to say:

‘We were quietly enjoying our complimentary bag of peanuts, when we heard this horrendous noise coming from the back of the plane. We thought it was some kind of engine failure, but it turned out to be Kenny G walking up and down the aisle with his saxophone out’

‘I was shocked’

‘The stewards repeatedly asked him to sit down and be quiet, but he just carried on’

‘That’s when the air marshals restrained him, and the pilot announced an unscheduled landing’

‘We were terrified’

The plane eventually landed safely, and Mr.G was taken into custody, but the whole incident raises further concerns about the safety of air travel, coming just weeks after Sting was detained at Heathrow Airport for trying to smuggle a lute onto a British Airways flight.

Full story here:


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