UKIP launch ‘Blue Riband’ manifesto

The UK Independence Party today announced their flagship general election policy: Keeping Blue Ribands British.

Speaking at a press conference, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall had this to say:

‘After Nestle revealed plans to move biscuit production to Poland, we felt compelled to act, and that is why UKIP are the only major party promising to keep Blue Ribands British’

‘It is the right of every Englishman to have a cup of tea and a Blue Riband, and we will not let the dark forces of political correctness take that away’

‘Vote UKIP on June 8th, and let’s reach for the stars’

This news was well received by voters, coming just days after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised to reduce the price of Freddo bars to 10p ‘for the sake of our children, and our children’s children’

Full story here:

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