* ‘Stephen Fry is the spawn of Satan’, says God*

Our Divine Creator has taken time off from his busy schedule, to declare comedian Stephen Fry ‘the spawn of Satan’.

After Mr. Fry called God ‘an utter maniac’, our Lord and Master felt compelled to respond.

Speaking through His representative on earth Pope Francis, God had this to say:

‘Don’t let yourselves be fooled. He may look like a man, he may talk like a man, and he may even behave like a man, but this jackal really is the purest form of evil. Satan walks among you. His name is Stephen Fry, and he will burn in the fiery pits of Hell for all eternity’.

This news comes just days after the Archbishop of Canterbury revealed Jesus had contacted him in a dream to say that Michael McIntyre was the Antichrist, and should be burned at the stake immediately.

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/2qbQuzB





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