*Trump makes Dennis Rodman ambassador to North Korea*

As tensions continue to escalate, President Trump has taken the unprecedented decision to make former basketball player Dennis Rodman the official US ambassador to North Korea.

At a press conference this afternoon, Mr. Trump has this to say:

‘I’ve known Dennis for years. He even appeared on my top show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, which was number one in the ratings for over a decade. Huge ratings. Unbelievable ratings. Much better than Schwarzenegger’

‘Anyway, Dennis has the diplomatic expertise this country needs, and I firmly believe he’s got what it takes to negotiate a lasting peace settlement with Kim Jong-un’

Mr. Rodman responded to the appointment on Facebook, saying ‘can’t wait to go back to North Korea. Kim’s a great guy. We’ll shoot some hoops, have a couple of drinks, and I’ll ask him to stop building nukes’

‘No problem’

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/2pVbE1S



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