‘What consumes me is stopping Brexit’, says Geldof

Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof has weighed in on the EU debate, saying ‘what consumes me is stopping Brexit’. Speaking at an event in London, Mr. Geldof added ‘there is no upside to Brexit whatsoever’.

The singer also accused Theresa May of ‘pimping’ the Queen by inviting President Trump to the UK, saying ‘when she pimps the Queen, she pimps the nation’.

‘This is embarrassing for this country, it’s embarrassing’.

Mr. Geldof campaigned against leaving the EU, famously going head to head with Nigel Farage on the river Thames, in a battle of the boats.

He intends to vote for the Liberal Democrats on June 8th.

100 word news by The Hooting Times

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2qGxXes

14 thoughts on “‘What consumes me is stopping Brexit’, says Geldof

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  1. Brexit means Brexit it’s time remainders faced facts, and as for “pimping ” The Queen honesty don’t belittle the monarchy with idiotic comments. The prime minister always invites the president and just because some people don’t agree with Americas choice of president, it was their choice as was Brexit the majority of British voters.
    The referendum happened and if it didn’t go your choice then it’s just tough the nation has spoken let’s just get on with it ASAP get our country in order and put the Great back into Britain


  2. It would seem that the Great in Great Britain wasn’t all British, we had a lot of help from the Kingdom of Hanover. With the ascension of its prince-elector as King of Great Britain in 1714, it became ruled in personal union with Great Britain. As a consequence, a reluctant Great Britain was forced time and again to become involved with the fate of the German possessions of its King.[1] However, internally, it remained a separately ruled territory with its own government and bodies. Merged into the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia in 1807, it was re-established as the Kingdom of Hanover in 1814, with the personal union with the British crown lasting until 1837. Which ever way you turn we are linkwd to the French and Germans not to mention the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha now Windsor since 1917 I believe. So we are european and most of our kings and Queens who made us great were in fact German.


  3. Leavers have yet to provide me with a single measurable, defined benefit to us leaving the EU. Give me facts, not cretinous, smallminded bullshit, and I might stop complaining about it. Please. Enlighten me.


    1. I’ll tell you why I voted to leave, I want to see my hard earned taxes put back into the country I.e education, health care, our armed forces and the elderly etc. As for measurable benefits is that not at least a start ? Why are we sending multi millions to countries in aid when they have space programs surely that money would be better spent here.


      1. Utterly irrelevant. So what. Great Britain is great because of the people. The original mongrel race. We are the most inventive, creative and brave. The blood of our monarchs is equally diverse, celtic, anglo saxon and so on. Sure there are also Germanic influences, but there are far greater and more varied touches. Thank God for Henry, Alfred, Bodaccea, Churchill, Elizabeth and all the others. What makes us fantastic is our British spirit.


    2. Well what is the main benefit in staying in the EU, it takes money and gives nothing in return, Please explain what the difference in between a Ponzi scheme and the EU? The single market should really be called the closed market as it tries to ensure all benefits to only a select few of the EU member countries and most EU countries run at a trade deficit.
      It also tried to exclude the world market in favour out only internal EU trade which keeps the prices high.The EU want to build a single EU government, a single EU army and eventually will try to build a single EU financial center and all tax will be centrally controlled in Brussels. Free movement only leads to mass immigration into only a few EU countries leaving some countries with insufficient workers. So what do you think the benefits of the EU are


  4. If you want to be European go live there, you’ll fit in with the people who are good at taking other people’s money.


  5. JS, why after all this time and discussion you still need things explaining to you. I do find that remainers seem to have a problem understanding, but to have to keep explaining to you because you don’t understand is quite tiresome.


  6. Bob you campaigned against the EURO. What the feck happened to your brain now dude. How on Earth can a man go from considerable greatness to not being able to see his arse from his elbow. How anyone can be oblivious to the dangerous EU organisation is beyond me.


  7. Maybe he should have been looking after his daughter peaches than being a pompous twat, good examples he must have set for her that she died of a drugs overdose.


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