*Angry llamas protest rail fare increase*

Britain’s rail commuters have today experienced multiple cancellations, as angry llamas staged a protest against the rising cost of train fares.

There were numerous reports of ‘llamas on the line’, leading to severe delays, as authorities struggled to find a quick solution.

Militant activist group ‘Llamas 4 Justice’ have taken responsibility, releasing a statement on Facebook, condemning the government for failing to tackle rising prices.

‘People of Britian. The llamas are fighting back. We are tired of being treated like second class citizens, by a government which doesn’t seem to care anymore. The llama community is a peaceful community, but we have been neglected and marginalised for too long’

‘Mrs. May. Lower those train fares, or face further consequences’

‘We will never surrender’

This news comes just days after a herd of cows stormed the Parliament building to demand lower airport car park charges.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2pTP9Mi




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