*Ballot spoilers triumph in French election*

French ballot spoilers were today celebrating massive electoral gains, after last night’s  results showed a record-breaking twelve percent of voters had walked to the polling stations, and then defaced their ballot papers.

A spokesman for the National Spoilers Association had this to say:

‘Make no mistake, Monsieur Macron. We are coming for you. Spoiling your ballot is the new rock and roll, and we’re turning it up to eleven. 2022 belongs to us’

It was also a good night for non-voters, with a staggering twenty-five percent of people choosing not to bother.

The Apathetic Voters Union released a statement on Facebook:

‘Tonight is the start of a new political era. An era where the disillusioned, the disaffected, the angry, and the lazy, can come together and not vote. It truly is a triumph for democracy’

‘Vive la France’

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/2pYAGwX




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