*Scientists discover parallel universe where Brexit never happened*

Research scientists have today confirmed the existence of a parallel universe where Brexit never happened. Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, a CERN representative had this to say:

‘The Hadron Collider doesn’t lie. Recent experiments have given us a glimpse into this alternative 9th dimension, and our hypothesis was confirmed’

‘There is indeed a world where Brexit never happened. Children play happily in the streets. There is no hunger or disease. There are no wars. Mankind has colonised Mars. Robots do most of the jobs. Nigel Farage is happily working as a commodities trader, with no intention of ever going into politics’

‘It is a wonderful place’

However, not all the news was positive.

‘Unfortunately we also discovered a 13th dimension where Donald Trump was officially declared ‘Eternal Emperor of Humanity’.

‘I’m sure that’s just an anomaly though. That could never happen in this universe’.

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/2qWkDyO



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