*Liberal Democrats promise £7 billion for crayons*

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has announced plans to increase education spending, promising an extra £7 billion for crayons.

Speaking at a press conference, an enthusiastic Mr. Farron had this to say:

‘Lack of crayons in our education system is a national disgrace. After seven years of Tory rule, there are still children out there who do not have regular access to crayons. It is a scandal, and only the Lib Dems can fix it’

‘Are you listening Mrs. May?’

‘Today I make this promise. My party will spend an extra £7 billion on crayon procurement, so never again will a teacher have to look a child in the eye and say ‘sorry young man, no crayons today. The Tories ran out of money’.

‘Never again’

This news was well received by party activists, and comes just days after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised a twenty percent increase in the annual tracing paper budget.

Full story here: http://huff.to/2r0aGjV


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