*Mr. & Mrs. May attend first session of marriage counselling*

The Prime Minister and her husband have attended their first session of marriage counselling, after their relationship finally reached breaking point.

The problems started several months ago when Theresa May was seen holding hands with newly-elected President Trump. This apparently provoked strong feelings of jealousy in Mr. May, who at one point asked ‘what does he have that I don’t? Is it his hair?’

‘And who is this Jeremy Corbyn guy you’re always talking about? You’re obsessed with the man. We’re having dinner, and all I hear is ‘Jeremy said this, and Jeremy said that’. If you like Jeremy so much why don’t you go and live with him?’

When asked by reporters how the session had gone, Mrs. May replied:

‘We have a strong and stable marriage, and under my leadership it will continue to be a strong and stable marriage, for at least another five years’.

‘Or until June 9th, if Jeremy gets his way’

Full story here: http://bbc.in/2q2Qd0A






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