* ‘I’m voting for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’, says Robert Kilroy-Silk*

Former Labour MP Robert Kilroy-Silk has today officially endorsed the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party. In a statement on his personal website, Mr. Kilroy-Silk said that ‘in a world of self-serving, self-satisfied, political non-entities, Noel Edmonds is the only candidate you can trust’.

‘I first met Noel at the National Television Awards in 1995. We became good friends, and I’m telling you that behind his happy-go-lucky exterior, there is a deep political thinker, and a man of conviction’.

‘We’ve had many conversations about politics over the years, and while we disagree on some things, we both believe that the current political parties have failed, and that it’s time for a fresh start’.

‘The Noel Edmonds Freedom Party will be that fresh start’.

‘From his common sense immigration policies, to his firm commitment to economic growth, Noel Edmonds offers a bright future for you and your family’.

‘It’s time to vote for change. It’s time to put an end to business as usual. It’s time to bring back common sense British values, and that’s why I’m voting for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’.


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