* ‘Vote for me and I’ll end the nanny state’, says Noel Edmonds*

The leader of the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party has today promised to ‘end the nanny state’, if he is elected Prime Minister on June 8th.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Sunderland, Mr. Edmonds promised to ‘stop the government interfering in every single aspect of your lives’.

‘The first thing I’ll do is abolish the Health and Safety Executive. We had to fill out risk assessment forms for every single contestant on Deal or No Deal, and it cost us a fortune. And guess what? Nobody ever got hurt. It was just government busybodies making money off our inconvenience’.

‘It won’t happen when I’m in charge’.

Mr. Edmonds also revealed plans to repeal the smoking ban, and phase out speeding cameras, calling them ‘a ridiculous tax on motorists, which has no measurable effect on safety’.

He continued:

‘People of Britain. It’s time to put an end to the madness. It’s time tell our politicians that enough is enough. It’s time to bring back some common sense British values’.

‘Vote for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party, and together, we’ll take our country back’.




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  1. Thank Noel but your too late but you are still so very good looking…..
    Please try a little earlier next time xxx




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