* ‘I’ll scrap HS2 and repair Britain’s roads instead’*

The leader of the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party has today promised to abandon the HS2 project, and use the money to repair Britain’s road network instead. Speaking at a press conference, Mr. Edmonds had this to say:

‘HS2 is a vanity project, plain and simple. A political white elephant, with astronomical costs, and minimal benefits. What good is quicker train travel to Birmingham, if I can’t drive down the street without having my car suspension destroyed by potholes?’

‘HS2 will cost £59 billion. Let me repeat that. £59 billion. We could use that money to repair every road in the country, and still have plenty to spare’.

‘The economic impact would be huge. Congestion would decrease, the haulage industry would benefit, and people would just be happier driving on nice roads. It’s simple common sense’.

‘Surely that’s better than slightly quicker train journeys to Birmingham?’

‘So vote for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party on June 8th, and let’s get rid of HS2, and bring back some common sense British values’.









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