* ‘Theresa May can’t be trusted on immigration’, says Noel Edmonds*

The Noel Edmonds Freedom Party leader has today attacked Theresa May’s record on immigration, saying ‘she simply can’t be trusted to bring the numbers down’.

‘Mrs. May was Home Secretary for six years, and for six years the borders were open to anyone and everyone’.

‘She talked a good game of course, like all politicians do, but when it was time to act, she was weak and ineffective’.

‘So why should we trust her now?’

‘In any other walk of life, six years of empty promises would be grounds for dismissal, yet here we are, just weeks away from giving this woman five more years of power’.

‘But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an alternative’.

‘As leader of the noel Edmonds Freedom Party, I will close the borders immediately, on day one, and I don’t care what the Brussels Bureaucrats have to say about it’.

‘The people want borders, and that’s what I’ll give them’.

‘It’s time for some common sense British values’.

‘It’s time for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’.




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