* ‘I’m taking a punt on the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’, says John McCririk*

TV horse racing pundit John McCririk has officially endorsed the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party. In a statement released on his personal website, Mr. McCririk said:

‘I’ve been a punter for nearly fifty years, and believe me, Noel Edmonds is a guaranteed winner. He’s the only one standing up for common sense British values’.

‘The rest of these so-called politicians are absolutely useless, and have never done a proper day’s work in their lives’.

‘It’s Eton, Oxbridge, then straight in to Parliament, and that’s just the Labour lot’.

‘It’s time for a change, and that’s what the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party is offering’.

‘Have you ever wondered what happened to this country?’

‘Why has my operation been cancelled again?’

‘Why do our judges let drug dealers walk free?’.

‘Why do immigrants get council houses, when there are thousands of British homeless people on the streets?’.

‘And why can’t I smoke in the pub anymore?’.

Noel Edmonds understands these concerns, and that’s why on June the 8th, you must do your duty as an Englishman, and stand up for common sense British values, by voting for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’.





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