*Militant penguins take over the South Pole*

The British government has warned citizens not to go to the South Pole, as the area now seems to be controlled by a group of radical penguins. The recently formed National Penguin Alliance has been gaining influence in the territory, with a mix of populist policies, and a promise of more fish.

A spokesman for the NPA has warned outsiders not to interfere, saying ‘Foreigners beware. The South Pole is now ours, and any attempts to stop us will be met head on. Our hearts are pure, and our beaks are sharp. Do not try anything foolish’.

An emergency meeting with the UN has been held, and sanctions are reportedly being considered, but in the meantime, travellers are being told to stay away ‘until the black and white menace has been dealt with’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2pGulcO




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