* ‘No more wind farms when I’m Prime Minister’, says Noel Edmonds*

The Noel Edmonds Freedom Party leader has promised to stop all investment into wind farms, calling them ‘an eyesore, and a total waste of taxpayer’s money’.

‘What happens when the wind isn’t blowing?’, said Mr. Edmonds in an interview with the Telegraph.

‘We just end up with idle windmills, no energy, and increased reliance on French electricity’.

‘It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to use French electricity to make a cup of tea’.

‘What happened to common sense?’.

‘When I become Prime Minister, all that will change. I will invest in nuclear power. Forget what the environmental lobby says. Clean, safe, cheap nuclear power is the way forward, and only the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party will provide it’.

‘So on June 8th, vote for common sense British values’.

‘Vote for the Noel Edmonds Freedom Party’.





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