Angry gorilla accuses goose of being ‘neighbour from hell’

A feud between two animal neighbours has reached breaking point, with the police being called to intervene after an argument got out of hand.

‘He’s literally the neighbour from hell’, the gorilla told officers.

‘He honks all day and all night. It never stops, and when I asked him to be quiet, he started hissing at me. Can’t you arrest him for breach of the peace or something?’.

The goose meanwhile defended himself, saying ‘that big ape is always parking his car in front of my driveway’.

‘And he borrowed my hedge trimmer and never gave it back. Surely that’s theft? Can’t you arrest him officer?’.

Police have since given the animals a caution for wasting police time, and have threatened the pair with a night in the cells if they have to deal with them again.

Full story here:




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