FA introduces retrospective bans for eating prawn sandwiches

The Football Association has today announced retrospective bans for any fans caught eating prawn sandwiches. A spokesman for the FA said:

‘Prawn sandwiches are the scourge of the modern game, and for too long, people have been getting away with it. Therefore we have no choice but to introduce a two match ban for any any fans seen eating one’.

‘This epidemic started at Old Trafford several years ago, but has since spread throughout top-flight football, and if left unchecked, could even make its way to the lower leagues’.

‘It’s time to send a message. This behaviour will no longer be tolerated’.

Football fans responded positively to the news, although some called for the ban to be expanded further, to include people who wear half-and-half scarves, tourist day trippers, and those who like to sit down during games’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2q3RJfF


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