Jeremy Corbyn loses winter fuel allowance

Jeremy Corbyn has reacted furiously to Theresa May’s plan to scrap the winter fuel allowance for well off pensioners, saying ‘that’s 300 quid she’s just stolen from me’.

Mr. Corbyn’s £137,000 salary means he will no longer qualify for the allowance, and in a speech to party activists, the Labour leader made his feelings clear:

‘I know we’re on the opposite sides of politics, but do you really need to be so petty?’

‘I treat myself to some scotch and rolling tobacco with that money, and now you’ve taken it off me. Do you have to be such a killjoy Theresa? Are you really going to deny an old man the little things that make life worth living?’

‘Yes I am Jeremy’, said the Prime Minister in response.

‘And I’m taking away your free lunches as well’.

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