Republicans take fight against fake news literally

US republicans have stepped up the fight against fake news by literally fighting fake news.

‘We attacked them with words and it didn’t work, so now it’s time to get physical’, said one candidate.

‘That’s why I body-slammed that crooked Guardian journalist’.

‘It worked for Hulk Hogan in the eighties, and it will work for the Republican party now’.

‘He won’t be able to write hit pieces about me from a hospital bed, will he?’.

‘I think we all know who’s winning’.

President Trump was quick to throw his support behind this strategy, saying:

‘Insulting these corrupt media orgainsations was fine for a while, but it’s time for a new approach. I’m calling on all party members to go to the gym, pump some iron, and kick their lying asses’.

‘It’s time to kick the ass of fake news and make America great again’.

Full story here:


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