Attacking journalists ‘now a winning strategy’, say political scientists

After Greg Gianforte stormed to victory in the Montana special election, political scientists have today confirmed that physically attacking journalists, especially those working for the Guardian, is now an effective way to win.

‘I was really sitting on the fence’, said one voter, ‘but when he body slammed that fake news guy, my mind was made up. That’s the man I want representing me. Somebody who pulls no punches’.

In a triumphant victory speech, Mr Gianforte said:

‘Today I make this promise: I will fight for you and your family the same way I fought that journalist. With all my might, and all my heart’.

‘God bless America’.

When asked to comment, a delighted President Trump said:

‘Great job, Greg. Really great job. Watch out CNN. We’re coming for you next’.

Full story here:



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