Hedge fund managers buy shares in the Conservative Party

Britain’s hedge fund bosses are rushing to buy shares in the Conservative Party, as they believe Jeremy Corbyn’s poll ratings are just a blip, and that a market correction is inevitable.

A spokesman for BlueCrest Capital Management told The Hooting Times:

‘Conservative stock is currently undervalued. The sudden boost for Labour is just an anomaly, and we are expecting the markets to react in the next few days. Because of this we’ve put a lot of money into Theresa May futures, knowing that when the correction occurs, we stand to make a small fortune’.

‘I would also advise your readers to offload any UKIP shares, as a crash is almost inevitable, although speculators will want to consider short-selling them’.

‘And whatever you do, DO NOT buy any Liberal Democrat stock’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2qjxAHn





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