News reading dog ‘a step forward for diversity’

The BBC has employed the first canine newsreader, calling the move was ‘a much needed step in the right direction for diversity and equality on television’.

The dog was selected ahead of several other animal candidates, and was praised for his ‘professionalism, intelligence, and ability to read an autocue without barking’.

A spokesman for the BBC said:

‘This is long overdue. There are an estimated 8 million dogs in the UK, but none of them ever get to present the news. That is an unacceptable lack of diversity, so we felt compelled to act’.

‘We mustn’t get complacent however, as there is still a long way to go. Where are the cows? The ducks? The geese? It could be years before we are truly representative, but we’ll never stop trying’.

Full story here:


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