David Cameron arrested for queue-jumping

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has been arrested for queue-jumping, and now faces a possible jail sentence. Current Prime Minister Theresa May was quick to condemn these actions:

‘Britain will not tolerate queue-jumping. This is an attack on our values, and our way of life. No matter who you are, no matter what your background, let me be clear: You will not win’.

‘We will carry on as normal, waiting patiently to be served. No matter how bored we are, no matter how great our frustration, we will stand in line, because that is what British people do’.

‘And for those who wish to jump the queue, I have this message: We will find you. We will track you down, and justice will be done. David Cameron is facing a lifetime behind bars. Don’t end up like him’.

‘Armed police have now been deployed in all major supermarkets and shopping centres, to make sure a incidents like this never happen again’.

‘And don’t forget to vote Conservative on June 8th’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2r9RB03




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