Fake Budweiser ‘better than the real thing’, say researchers

Market researchers have discovered that fake Budweiser made in unlicensed Chinese factories is actually better than the real thing, with a majority of consumers saying they preferred the refreshing taste of the pretend beer over the ‘boring, flat and stale’ American version.

‘We conducted a blind test with over five hundred participants, and eight out of ten of them preferred the fake stuff’.

‘They liked the refreshing taste and the ‘mysterious’ aromas, and said they would definitely buy it if it was available’.

‘The real Budweiser got a mostly negative response, being described as ‘okay, but nothing special’, by most of our test subjects’.

This news comes after scientists at Harvard discovered that over ninety percent of drinkers preferred vodka made with antifreeze, despite the inevitable trip to hospital afterwards.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2smfMZD







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