[100 word news] – Corbyn voters ‘not very experienced in life’, says Alan Sugar.

In a post-election radio interview, Alan Sugar suggested Jeremy Corbyn voters were ‘not very experienced in life’.

‘Jeremy Corbyn did a very good job wooing the young and educated people. I would add that those people who voted for him are quite bright and educated, but also not very experienced in life’.

‘I’m not sure if they really knew what they were voting for, to be honest with you’.

When asked about the election result, Lord Sugar said:

‘It’s very, very surprising. I think I’d join a lot of people when I say the Theresa May and Conservative campaign was very lacking in what they were going to offer the public’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2rIVifk



12 thoughts on “[100 word news] – Corbyn voters ‘not very experienced in life’, says Alan Sugar.

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  1. Who the hell does Alan Sugar think he is? I’m 63 years old was brought up in a small council house by hard woring parents. I have brought up 2 children I went to university as a mature student and have a very responsible job. I have plenty of experience of life and it wasn’t closeted with millions of pounds either…..
    I voted for Jeremy Corbyn because for once we have a genuine HONEST politician and they have been as rare as hens teeth in my lifetime!!!

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  2. Get lost Sugar. Of course they knew. Why on earth would anyone want a self serving government. May got what she deserves. Just sorry Labour didn’twipe out Tories completely. Jeremy for PM.

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  3. I’m very experienced in life you condescending, self serving, little prick. You however are so deluded, so greedy and so up your own arse you haven’t already clue what life is like for the majority of REAL people. Do the world a favour, keep your opinions to yourself and crawl back under your diamond studded rock. Twat!!


  4. Alan sugar was willing to payin reponsible amount of tax …. but found the Labour Party to punish the hard working , entrepreneur…..
    might of been good for students, wanting to take out of the economy at every opportunity ! but if they ever found themselves with a well paid job… they’d just be paying higher tax under corbyn so wouldn’t ever win anyway!!


  5. I’m 75 and voted for JC. Because for the FIRST TIME in my lifetime their is a decent, honest,ethical, Peace loving politician. We are going forward to a better future with people like Jeremy Corbyn prepared to lead us.


  6. Arrogant man. How dare you presume to understand other people! You are obviously totally out of touch with the average man on the street. If the SYSTEM carries on treating people this way, it WILL backfire. So please climb down off your high horse and get involved with some real peoples lives to get a sense of why the vote went the way it did. People are getting to tipping point!!


  7. I doubt the self-appointed political analyst has actually looked at the demographics. Many Corbyn voters are mature voters who are returning to Labour because of Corbyn.

    I myself am 37. I spent 11 years working in private-sector infrastructure management, and am voting for Corbyn because I now work in the NHS and can say (with some authority) that I do not want to see the NHS forced into private hands.

    My life experience is what motivated me to vote Labour, so, with all due respect Mr Sugar, you are talking out of your bottom.


  8. How patronising! I’m 54 and a welfare rights worker so would say I’m very experienced in the effects of the policies of this vile government! Two of my kids are labour voters. One is 20 at uni … her vote was absolutely nothing to do with tuition fees! She is more politically switched on than I am! She has volunteered and centres for young homeless people and with mental ill health! For a young person she has a lot of life knowledge! My other son is 28 and works in housing so again deals with deprivation every day!! The people who have no idea of life are the people living in ivory towers born with a silver spoon who run this country!!! No idea of reality! It’s like the bloody hunger games in this country!


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