[100 word news] – ‘This woman is an abomination’. Lily Allen attacks Theresa May.

Musician Lily Allen has attacked Theresa May on twitter, saying ‘this woman is an abomination’.

She also went on to criticise the press, saying:

‘We won’t let them talk Britain down! It’s the first time in our lives the public haven’t done what Murdoch told them to. That’s MASSIVE’.

Ms. Allen’s father, actor Keith Allen has also been politically active recently, putting a banner on his business premises, reading:

‘Care for elderly – expensive.  First-time buyer – expensive.  Gas, water and electricity – expensive. Food – expensive. NHS – expensive. Cost of voting Conservative – your children’s future! Stop the rot’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2t6f7er



4 thoughts on “[100 word news] – ‘This woman is an abomination’. Lily Allen attacks Theresa May.

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    1. I see you are woefully ignorant of how rich the real rich are, at your expense. Just how they like it, Stay ignorant. Stay a turkey voting for Christmas.


      1. At least MY taxes won’t continue to pay for you and the other parasites. Get a real job, a bar of soap and get awash.Now hurry along as your village is missing you, idiot!!


  1. whos lily allen??? never heard of her,,,,i think she is the abomination,trying to bully us into rolling over,,,,it will never happen girl,,,forces are gathering,but not ready yet,,,,your lot are pushing for civil disobedience,,,,,well get on with it,,see iff we care,,you are the real losers,,,,you should be chasing muslim extremists,,,not old vunerable people,,,many who fought for the freedoms you have….I for one will fight and stand my ground for my space..

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