[100 word news] – ‘My parents were refugees. Brexit feels like a death’, says Rachel Weisz

Actress Rachel Weisz has criticised the decision to leave the EU, saying:

‘Brexit feels like a death. It’s gone. It made me think about my parents, and the reason the European union was created in the first place, to make sure we never had a war like that ever again, to come together and get rid of our nationalism, and be one stable thing. It’s very hard.’

She also hit out at Donald Trump, telling the Guardian:

‘It’s hard for me even to understand how it happened. It’s surrealist. But it’s finite. Trump is pretty catastrophic, and there are terrible things he can do to the Earth and women’s rights, but I feel it will be reversible, somehow’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2s1Jghd


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