Donald Trump takes tour of Area 51

After several months in office, Donald Trump has finally taken a tour of Area 51, telling reporters afterwards it was ‘a lot of fun, believe me’.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr. Trump said:

‘It was worth becoming President just to meet the aliens. They are great people, that I can tell you’.

‘They also had a huge flying saucer. A huge saucer, maybe the biggest saucer in the universe’.

‘I asked the aliens if they would let me behind the wheel, but they said my human brain was not advanced enough to understand the controls’.

‘I told them I had an IQ of 160, but they said that wasn’t enough’.

This comes just days after the President admitted that the moon landings were fake, and that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the collapse of the twin towers was a ‘controlled demolition’.

Full story here:


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