Immigrant dog refuses to integrate

A German Shepherd of Polish background has refused to integrate into British life, re-igniting the debate over the benefits of a tolerant, multicultural society.

‘He doesn’t even speak the language’, said a neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous.

‘He’s been living here for over a year now, but whenever I try to talk to him, he always answers in Polish’.

‘This is England. We speak English here’.

‘He’s probably on the dole too’.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to respond, saying:

‘Once again, we see foreigners taking advantage of the generous British spirit. We welcome these people, roll out the red carpet, and they throw it right back in our faces’.

‘When will voters wake up, and realise that only UKIP has the answers’.

‘Say no to foreign dogs’.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had a different view, telling reporters:

‘This is a blatant case of dogophobia, and I will not stand for it’.

‘Foreign dogs are our greatest strength, and contribute so much to our way of life’.

‘We must keep the borders open, and tell the world that foreign dogs are welcome here’.

‘Not cats though’.

‘I don’t like cats’.

Full story here:


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