[100 word news] – Boris accuses Labour of ‘outrageous politicking’ over Grenfell Tower fire

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has accused Labour of ‘outrageous politicking’, after it was suggested cuts to the fire service may have been partly responsible for the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

In a statement on Facebook, Mr. Johnson said:

‘There has sadly been some political game playing about the terrible fire in London. I find it unbelievable that Labour are suggesting that this tragedy was somehow caused by fire service cuts.’

‘As for the record, fires in London went down 50 per cent in my mayoralty’.

‘Sadiq Khan conducted his own review of the London fire safety plan. If he felt that the provision in Kensington was deficient, he had ample budget to change it’

‘Any attack on emergency services performance is outrageous politicking by Labour’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2sBkOEO

6 thoughts on “[100 word news] – Boris accuses Labour of ‘outrageous politicking’ over Grenfell Tower fire

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  1. This is precisely the time to be political- to prevent more tragedies from happening. It would be negligent not to be political and use this horror to make sure legislation is set in place immediately to stop further tragedies. And to use it so that there are immediate inspections and repairs of all tower blocks now, with sprinklers put in at once. Now is the time to be political to end this type of horror.


  2. Boris!do you not think more firemen on the ground would of got more people out! How you get out of bed in morning shocks me . Those people blood is on your hands.


  3. I really, really, REALLY think we should send Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May and all Her Cabinet to DAESH, in exchange for peace in the Levant… they can torture them all they want and we’ll even watch and cheer! V^^^V


  4. boris johnston just please go away, a long long way. what a bastard. he is the opne who wasted, when he was Mayor of London, so much money of WATER CANON………….he strikes me as similar to Trump in that he doesn’t care what he says and bullies people when they ask him to shut up. so so fed up with having a tory government.


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