‘Mr. Blobby tried to smother me with a pillow’, says Noel Edmonds

TV presenter Noel Edmonds has revealed that former sidekick Mr. Blobby once tried to smother him with a pillow, after the pair fell out during the filming of Noel’s House Party back in the nineties.

‘I was having a nap backstage’, said Mr. Edmonds.

‘We’d just had a big row about the direction of the show. He wanted to do more slapstick sketches, but I overruled him, as I thought that too much Blobby would put viewers off’.

‘We agreed to disagree, then I went for a lie down’.

‘A few minutes later he jumped on me, and tried to suffocate me with a pillow’.

‘I tried to fight back, but he’s a heavy chap, and I could feel myself fading’.

‘Fortunately the producers heard what was going on, and managed to restrain him, but the damage had been done’.

‘Our relationship was never the same’.

‘We were professional of course, and carried on for several more years, but we stopped hanging out’.

‘I hardly ever see him now’.

‘Still, we did have some great times, and I wish him all the best’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2rJFVVo


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