Johnny Depp apologises for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise

Johnny Depp has today issued an apology for his part in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, and has asked the public for forgiveness at this difficult time.

In a statement on Facebook, the actor said:

‘I would like to offer a sincere and unreserved apology for my role in these films. What started off as a bit of harmless fun has sadly spiralled out of control. I never intended to make five of these movies, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t say no’.

‘I would like to ask the public for forgiveness, and to consider my previous performances in Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Brasco, and Sleepy Hollow as proof that there is some good inside of me’.

‘I will try to do better. I’m only human, and we all make mistakes’.

‘Please give me one more chance’.

‘Thank you’.

Full story here:



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