[100 word news] – ‘Brexit makes me sad and angry – my identity is being hacked away’, says Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell has criticised the decision to leave the EU, saying:

‘As for Brexit, it makes me sad and angry, at a change which I feel swims against the tide of history’

‘Can anyone name me a country, democracy or dictatorship, at any time in history, which built success by governing against the interests of its younger generation?’

‘We are leaving a Union that has been a big part of the peace and relative prosperity that my and your generations have enjoyed’.

‘Inside the EU I can be British, Scottish and European. Outside I feel I can only be British and Scottish, and who knows where that debate is heading. Right now I feel a big chunk of my identity, and more importantly that of my children, is being hacked away’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2s9Pm0J


6 thoughts on “[100 word news] – ‘Brexit makes me sad and angry – my identity is being hacked away’, says Alastair Campbell

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  1. You say you believe in Democracy. I did not go to Uni, Grammar School or Private Education. However my Secondary Modern was a good school and correct me if I am wrong but part of a democracy is a voting system. So if I voted for something that had a final vote count “for” of (for example) 1000, and the final count against was 998 and these figures were the same after 10 recounts, I would have won. Brexit was voted for by more people than the Remain people. Brexit won. I also vote Conservative and the Conservatives won (albeit with no majority) they still won. Back in your Box Alistair, time you cosied up to Mr Blair who I also cannot abide (I am ex British Forces so you will understand why)


    1. Brexiters often claim that the EU is run by ‘unelected bureaucrats’. It isn’t true. The European Commission has a role in administering EU law, but it isn’t in charge.
      Laws can only be passed by the directly elected European Parliament, together with the Council of the European Union, whose members are the ministers from each government of EU countries.
      The European Parliament has the democratic power to accept, amend or reject proposed laws and regulations.
      The European Commission President is elected by the Parliament, which must also approve the individual Commissioners. The Parliament has the democratic power to sack the entire Commission at any time during its five-year tenure.
      Indeed, the Commission is ultimately responsible to the elected Parliament, and not the other way round.
      Another organisation, called the European Council, consists of the democratically elected leaders of each EU country. It’s separate to the Council of the European Union, and often people get the two organisations mixed up.
      The European Council sets the political goals and priorities of the European Union. It does not negotiate or adopt EU laws, but it does decide the agenda that the European Commission must follow.
      Treaties, and any new country joining, have to be unanimously agreed by the Parliaments of every single EU country.
      Indeed, all EU treaties since Britain joined 44 years ago were fully debated and democratically agreed by our Parliament in Westminster. Not once were any changes to our EU membership imposed upon us, and neither could they be, as the EU is a democracy.
      According to recent research by VoteWatch Europe, over 97% of adopted EU laws in the last 12 years were supported by the UK government and MEPs.
      During our membership, Britain has helped to run and rule the EU, and not the other way round. Whatever the EU is and has become, Britain helped to create it.
      Indeed, the EU can become whatever all its members unanimously agree it can become. But of course, that only applies to EU members, and not to ex-members. Outside of the EU, Britain will only be able to watch as the future of our continent is decided without us.


    2. You are voicing how all remain supporters feel. The latest dreadful decision to partner with the DUP is disgustingly shameful. We are being forced to give up our citizenship in the EU to placate fanatics, old people who want the 1950s back and people who dream of empire. We are in the 21st century and we need our european neighbouring countries. We have lost status, respect, and no longer have any influence in european or world affairs.


  2. I voted to leave as I Do not want to be ruled by a Dictatorship,I was born a free man and British and no one has the right to take away that from me remember all the people that gave their lives so we had our freedom and for them that want to give it away are utterly brain dead ,we used to hide under the stairs when we were being bombed so you others don’t have a clue you don’t understand the price paid for our and your freedom you need a taste of a Dictatorship then you will be crying to gat it back . Do not forget Freedom Demands a high price .


  3. Alistair Campbell is simply one of the vast majority that’s wealthy enough to live a good lifestyle , away from the deprived regions of this country … depraved due to the ridiculous amounts of money we HAVE to give to the European Union !! The key word there is HAVE !! Just like we HAVE to let so many migrants into OUR own country on E.U. Say so !!
    Well it’s all about to stop , the rank and file people of this country are sick of being DICTATED TO by a parliament that is NOT part of this country and nothing to do with us !!!
    Alistair Campbell like so many others , scoffed at the referendum , thinking “Let the sheep have their impossible to win vote , to appease them” … But it all went tits up and he was WRONG !! The votes were cast and he and his cronies LOST !!
    It’s that simple .. and it’s called DEMOCRACY !! There will be no pathetic “let’s have another one” , it’s been done !!! END !!
    There will always be moaners from the losing side of ANY vote .. that’s life , you were OUT VOTED !! LIVE WITH IT !!


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