[Hoot!] – Aliens use crop circles to contact Vladimir Putin

Aliens from outer space have used crop circles to contact Vladimir Putin, leading many world leaders to suspect the Russian President of colluding with the extra terrestrials to take over the world.

‘He is clearly part of a sinister plot to enslave us all’, said failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

‘There is no other explanation. Putin and the aliens are working together against the best interests of the United States’.

‘Is there nothing this madman won’t do?’

‘He must be stopped, whatever the cost’.

On seeing the crop circles, French leader Emmanuel Macron announced his nation’s immediate, unconditional surrender, while Donald Trump called the whole incident ‘a hoax’.

‘A huge hoax, maybe the biggest hoax of all time’.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2tVqUk5



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