[100 word news] – Rees-Mogg defends austerity: ‘The Government doesn’t do this because it’s unkind’

Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended the Conservative’s austerity policy, telling a Question Time audience:

‘When the Conservatives got into power in 2010, a Labour minister said there is no money left. The deficit was £150 billion’.

‘Things had to be done that were difficult and unpopular, and were difficult for the people suffering from them’.

‘Nobody wants to have a situation where hard working people aren’t getting pay increases. The Government doesn’t do this because it’s unkind, it does this because we have to get the public finances in order’.

‘If you want to increase pay in the public sector, you have to work out where the money comes from’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2uSrsDV


4 thoughts on “[100 word news] – Rees-Mogg defends austerity: ‘The Government doesn’t do this because it’s unkind’

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  1. I agree to a certain extent but explain why the taxpayer is paying so much money out to foreign aid and all the foreigners that are here and don’t work. Surely it’s simple sums you don’t pay out for these people who don’t belong here and you remove them from our country, also economically they send as much of the money that is given to them back to their own countries so it isn’t spent putting it back in our country, false economics. I like you I believe you care about our country and it’s genuine people taxpayers like me 50 years I have paid my taxes and still working because I cannot live on the measly pension governments decided to give. The people that have been capped on salaries i.e. hospitals firemen people who save our lives at the risk of their own, but politicians get big bucks, see the reasoning why people have lost their trust in governments, the law, the justice system. I believe you work hard you invest well nothing wrong with that but when our own are suffering because governments want to give the taxpayers money away have already said it’s wrong, very wrong. Taking away disability money from people who need it, all we see is governments take from us to give to people who are not from this country, people who are trying to ruin this country.


  2. You utter idiot! Read something other than the Sun!! Foreign aid is a minute amount compare to our total expenditure of £ 748 Billion!! Of which benifits ar over £148 Billion and Pensions another £125 Billion ! Do the sums and get mor tax from the billionaire owners of the filthy rags you miust read to be so stupidly misinformed!


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