[Hoot!] – Ghostly owl haunts country lane

Drivers in Queensland have told authorities a remote stretch of road is being haunted by a ghostly white owl, and have warned other road users to find an alternate route, as the owl is said to be ‘extremely sinister’, and ‘not afraid to approach humans’.

One driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Hooting Times:

‘I thought it was a hitchhiker, so I slowed down. When I got a bit closer, I realised it was a haunted owl, but by then it was too late’.

‘He started hooting at me in a frightening way’.

‘Hooting and hooting and hooting’.

‘It was terrifying’.

‘I put my foot down, and managed to escape, but since then I’ve been afraid to leave the house’.

‘May God have mercy on us all’.

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/2tl0FlC





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