[100 word news] – ‘We need to stop Remoanerism’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg has called Brexit ‘a wonderful opportunity’, and has criticised those who still oppose the decision to leave the EU, saying ‘we need to stop Remoanerism’.

‘What we need to be talking about is why it’s a great opportunity, leaving the European Union, why we can be better off, raising standards of living for people, and what the business opportunities are around the world and domestically’.

Speaking about the Prime Minister’s plan for EU nationals living in the UK, Mr. Rees-Mogg said:

‘What we’ve offered is generous and right’.

‘In no foreign country in the world do foreign nationals expect to be treated better than local people are’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2tEg00A

3 thoughts on “[100 word news] – ‘We need to stop Remoanerism’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

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  1. Stop the freedom of speech? Is this the latest dictat from the masters of the Nasties? Come on Mogg, you know better than that; You may disagree with my Liberal philosophy but as a democrat you must allow me to express my opinion. I shall carry on Remoaning whatever you do or say; this is still a free country, just.


  2. It’s all very well Mr Rees-Mog criticising the remain side, but frankly most of us do not believe your claims of a better life outside. The rest of the world think the Brits have lost whatever common sense they had. I’m waiting for the likes of JR-M to give a clue on how we’ll be better off and a guarantee. So far all we’ve had is lies and deception.


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