[100 word news] – Alan Johnson criticises the ‘narrow sectarian left’, which is ‘behind Jeremy Corbyn’

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson has criticised the ‘narrow, sectarian left’, which he believes is ‘behind Jeremy Corbyn’ and ‘intolerant of other views’.

When asked if the general election result meant that the opportunity for another leadership challenge had gone, Mr. Johnson said: ‘The honest answer to that is yes’.

He then went on to attack some sections of the Labour leader’s support base, saying:

‘I feel this narrow sectarian left that is intolerant of other views is what is there behind Jeremy Corbyn – who is thoroughly decent and never says a bad word about anyone’.

‘But behind him there is something that reminds me of Militant in the early 80s’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2vk6SfP

3 thoughts on “[100 word news] – Alan Johnson criticises the ‘narrow sectarian left’, which is ‘behind Jeremy Corbyn’

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  1. AlanJohnson,is not even yesterdays man, he represents nothing but his own image of himself as a political figure of note. He is and always was a second eleven man. He now spends his time as a paid pundit making derogatry statements about the current Labour leader. Who as it happens is a true political visionary. Whos plan for the UK is honestly a fairer society,where the undervalued massess actually play a real part in the future of UK Ltd. And actually share in the benefits of their labour. If that is what minnows like Johnson et al view as a left wing threat, then so be it. Because that is what most austerity loaded citizens see as fair and just. This as we are constantly told is the fifth richest economy in the world. Yet we have skilled workers having to rely on food banks to survive. Come on you ex Blairites this is the true legacy of your extended period in power.
    Time for a new way of doing politics. Let Johnson and his ilk bleat on the sidelines they had their chances and looked like blue rinse Tories. They need to wake up the worm is actually at last turning. And a fairer more equitable UK is on the cards and all done via the democratic process the only revolution being of National mindsets.Viva Jeremy Corbyn.


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