[100 word news] – ‘Theresa May’s government is a zombie government. They should step aside’, says Jeremy Corbyn

At a rally in Southampton, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

‘Theresa May’s Government, propped up by the DUP, is nothing more than a zombie Government, with no ideas, no answers and no leadership’.

‘This is a Government in name only, having to ask other parties to ‘clarify and improve’ its policies, and delaying most parliamentary business until the autumn’.

‘If the Conservatives are unable to govern, they should step aside. Labour is no longer just the official opposition, we are a government in waiting’.

‘We are campaigning very hard across the country for a general election as soon as it comes. We’re ready for it, September is fine by me – I’m free anytime’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2vo6KM3



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