[100 word news] – The Labour Party is ‘cultish and emotional’, says Vince Cable

Vince Cable has accused the Labour Party of being ‘cultish and emotional’, saying:

‘There are two basic problems. One is their economics, which make no sense. Of course, if you are in a cult you don’t worry about things like that, but I think a lot of people will start to worry about it’.

‘The second is their position on Europe, where most of the people have joined the cult because they thought somehow or other the Labour party deep down was on their side of the Brexit debate. Well, they are not – that will become more apparent with the passage of time’.


Mr. Cable went on to call for a ‘Scandinavian type of redistributive tax policy and generous social provision’.

‘I’m for a kind of Swedish model of western economy, I’m not in favour of 1970s socialism’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2vLSUU5


2 thoughts on “[100 word news] – The Labour Party is ‘cultish and emotional’, says Vince Cable

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  1. Cable and the rest of the Lib-Dems were responsible for the Austerity that has hit everyone except his rich mates.He won’t mention this because he knows that he and Tories are to blame instead finds answers in Scandinavian gobbly gook


  2. Cable really is getting into bed with his tory mates, making stupid statements to besmirch the Labour party, he really should reconsider his position and start to look and sound less foolish!


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