[100 word news] – Corbyn ‘misled a large section of the electorate’, says Hammond

Philip Hammond has criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to reduce student debt, saying: ‘He certainly, very seriously, misled a large section of the electorate’.

‘There will be many people today who went out and voted in the general election because of what they heard Jeremy Corbyn say about writing off student debt, whose cynicism will only have been reinforced by the way he has manipulated them during the general election campaign, and then dumped them unceremoniously after it’.

‘Labour aren’t being straight with the British public’.

‘They would take out an enormous loan, but are pretending they wouldn’t have to make cuts elsewhere to pay for it’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2veafJ2





3 thoughts on “[100 word news] – Corbyn ‘misled a large section of the electorate’, says Hammond

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  1. This guy is loosing the plot, seriously it’s obvious to the majority of those students what was said and it was never to write off debt. No one was misled. Please tell him just because he couldn’t understand it’s not Corbyn fault. Perhaps Hammond should either watch the video again or simply stop lying. It’s become incredibly boring now. Hammond should go and concentrate on conservatives policies. Oh wait he can’t because Tories scrapped their entire manifesto and have u turned 10 times already. If he want the job in government, Start doing it. Or just give it to someone who can.


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