Lying to voters ‘should be a criminal offence’ says Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar has argued that politicians who lie to the public should face jail sentences, saying:

‘As the chairman of a public company, if I told lies in a shareholders’ statement that resulted in the crash of the share price or the increase in the share price, which caused traders to go and buy lots of shares or not to buy lots of shares, I would be put in prison’.

‘If they lie, which results in massive decisions like leaving the European Union, or gaining votes in a general election, then this should be a criminal offence as it would be in a public company if I lied to my shareholders’.

‘If you mislead people like that, I think it should be a criminal offence’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here:


5 thoughts on “Lying to voters ‘should be a criminal offence’ says Alan Sugar

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  1. See s to have forgotten, Tony Blair, Edward heath, both mislead and lied all the way through their time in parliament. If he is another on blaiming the bus sign ,no one ever thought or wanted the money to go into the health service every week, this was money that would not go to the eu commission, and that was what matters.leave voters on the whole knew they were voting leave.


  2. Never thought I’d agree with Alan Sugar!

    But he is absolutely right on this.

    Could I add that journalists lying in newspapers should be included. That would finally see of the Wail and the Excess!


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